PuzzleBox BPO Inc. Reviews: 10 Reasons Why You Would Love to Work at PuzzleBox

Written by PuzzleBox staff People have six core needs other than our needs for physical survival, as described by motivational guru Anthony Robbins. These are growth, contribution, significance, variety, certainty, and love and connection. While employee coaching has just started catching fire in the Philippines, there are some groups and individuals who already assessed and applied these principles in the workplace. Here’s a set of questions for the workplace: Am I still growing as a professional and individual? Am I helping to improve other people’s lives? What’s the significance of what I do? Is there still variety in what I do or have I become an automaton? Is the company reliable and could take care of me and my family’s needs? Do I feel connected with my colleagues? Cliché as it might sound but you see, finding your true north is truly not just about the money! As we let this sink in, we listed down why we love to work at Puzzlebox : )

  1. Opportunities PuzzleBox BPO, Inc. (PBBI) is only three years young and has already been providing outsourcing services local and abroad in different industries. Young and manned by similarly young and agile group, employees get a chance to hone their core skills and to receive leadership and management mentoring.
  1. Passionate people PBBI employees have life outside the workplace and everyone encourage each other to pursue what makes their heart sing (or dance, or swim, or climb). We have calligraphy enthusiast, explorers and travelers, biker, miniature artist, cactus enthusiast, ink artist, boxer, photographer, poets, watercolor artist, and guitarist among others. Because we are continuously expanding, we might create a group for each passion point!


Resident Explorer, Pots Duran, enjoying the magic of Coron


It’s not cupid, it’s our artist, Rayson Lozada.

  1. Location. Location. Location. Have we mentioned where our home is? Pay us a visit at 8/f One World Square Building, McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City. And yes, this is the part of the metro untouched by flood during the horrible rainy months. Transport-wise, there are free shuttles roaming around McKinley Hill and Grab Bike is available in the area. Also, it won’t take you ages to get a cab from here. And if you are the type who get inspired seeing beautiful sunset, yes, we have the view from our desks! Sometimes we can almost hear the beach calling us.


Sunset so awesome our Social Media Manager, JM Chua, can’t help but snap a selfie!

  1. Parties We have company parties almost every month and we treat it like how we would a family tradition: with utmost preparation and harmless mischief!


Halloween Party 2015 with the kids in our life

  1. The element of play True to the fun theory which explains that people tend to be more productive when they’re having fun, PuzzleBox seems to attract hardcore card and online gamers. Cards Against Humanity, Dota2, Tree of Savior, Spyfall, Monopoly, DnD, Hearthstone, Munchkins, Avalon, the list goes on!


Photo from Pots Duran

  1. Timely and relevant learnings Aside from being surrounded with creative, geek, and entrepreneurial people who generously share their ideas with colleagues at PuzzleBox, employees also get to attend learning events for FREE!

DCOM The team after the Digital Commerce Summit 2015

  1. Equal opportunity for all PuzzleBox believes in its people’s potential and extend guidance to anyone willing to improve their lot. We have hired undergraduates who have shown equal or exceptional attitude and skill sets. We also support the LGBT community and lovingly welcomes any color and shade in the rainbow coalition : )


  1. Work life balance We believe that everyone should aspire to work to live not live to work. In a fast-paced and could be somewhat exhausting industry, we believe of taking care of our well-being and our non-negotiables: our loved ones.


Company island hopping in Zambales, May 2015

  1. Freedom and direction We hire people for a reason, to do what they do best. So we let them do it their way without making them feel that they are on their own. When ideas come short as they sometimes do, a brainstorming can always be called, providing direction and sounding board for everyone. IMG_0122_1
  1. Food trip We send our people to different restaurants for our review site, Callouts (callouts.puzzlebox-inc.com). Steaks? Salad? Comfort Food? Coffee? Coming right up! Review

    But don’t believe any word we say, see it for yourself!

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