PuzzleBox BPO Inc. Reviews: Owning Social Media Through Relevant Digital Content

Words by: Trixie Albano Photos by: Kelvin Bernardino   In a world ran by technology that has everybody’s eyes pinned to their phones and laptops, it is a challenge to stay relevant especially for businesses and brands. It’s easy to sign up for social media accounts with the goal of connecting to your customers and keeping them updated. But we all know there’s more it could do to help your brand. So how do you keep your existing customers interested? How do you attract new people to follow your page and keep them all engaged?   kib_7000   For our 9th Continuous Learning Program, we had the pleasure of having Mr. Ignatius Javellana to speak in front of us about the importance of relevant content in social media. Iggy is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of MuraMasa, a Singapore registered subsidiary of PuzzleBox which creates and publishes online games. He’s been involved in the digital media for over a decade and we were lucky to have been shared with what he learned throughout his career.   kib_6991  

  1. Traditional Content

This is the type of content from before the rise of the internet – catchy, memorable, and evokes emotions. This includes print ads, newspapers, magazines, and more.

  1. Digital Content

Also known as digital media, this is any type of content that exists in the digital form including photos, videos, blogs, and anything you find in the internet that allows users to interact with it. This is measurable through clicks, plays, replays, likes, shares, comments, and the like.

  1. Implementation

Maximize the effectiveness of your content through proper planning and scheduling. Create highlights and always be quick about the latest trends so you could create content while the topic is still hot.

  1. Measuring the results

The number of likes, shares, and comments on your every post will not always be the same. It’s important to keep track of your content activity so you’ll know which form of content (article, photo, video, etc.) and topic generates engagement the most, and in what platform, device, and peak time.

  1. Nobody’s going to be thankful for a job done, but they will create noise when you do something wrong.

Although it’s important to listen to what your customers are saying, you should always keep in mind that it is in people’s nature to dwell on the one thing you do wrong over the 99 other things you successfully accomplish. “Focus on the positive,” chances are these people are only a small percentage of your overall customer reach. Address people’s concerns but decide who are worth your time and attention and invest on them, prioritize them. “Don’t feed the trolls.”  



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