PuzzleBox BPO Inc. Reviews: 2nd Bataan International Triathlon Race Results

(Part 1 of our race and experience review) Words by: Aiza Llave In the grueling race, these victorious triathletes dominated the crowd of hopefuls at the 2nd Bataan International Triathlon held in Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar, Bagac, Bataan on 28 November 2015. Rapido

   Expectant crowd and athletes

Here are the winners in the Rapido and Largo categories:


Overall Male:

Andy Wibowo 1:44:04 Matt O’ Halloran 1:46:51 Xy James Dacayanan 1:57:01

Overall Female: Grace Laurenciana 2:16:56 Noelle De Guzmam 2:25:58 Kimberly Li 2:27:20


Overall Male: DeoTimbol 3:09:38 August Benedicto 3:11:17 Jet Ramos 3:20:30

Overall Female: Mirinda Carfae 3:15:36 Airi Sawada 3:32:54 Katja Rabe 3:38:41

Andy Wibowo   Andy Wibowo wins the 2nd Bataan International Triathlon (photo from Bi3 FB Page)

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