Commitment and Loyalty: The Secrets to a Successful Career

Words by: Patricia Albano

We all go through that phase in life where we feel like we’re stuck in a rut and our career is going nowhere— sometimes even down the drain— unless we do something to change it. Oftentimes we opt to making drastic decisions but it isn’t always the best solution because it could result to the opposite of what we want to happen.


For our 10th Continuous Learning Program, we were graced by the presence of Ms. Joanna Mayores-Serrano who shared with us how commitment and loyalty paved her way to being the OD


Manager in one of the biggest and most successful companies in the Philippines, Rebisco (Republic Biscuit Corporation).



Her talk was full of lessons yet simple, on point, and engaging that it was easy to digest. She imparted with us pointers to help guide us climb the corporate ladder efficiently and successfully including the 4 As of engagement, what it means to be committed, and other inspiring words that surely got through us all.


The 4 As of Engagement

This includes attendance, attitude, active participation, and application. Attendance refers to doing something with all you are. The body, the heart, and the mind should all work together so you could give your best. Attitude refers to how you view things and affects your progress. Always be open for anything and welcome new learnings. Active participation means the consistent and simultaneous involvement to increase learning and how learning shouldn’t end when you’re done doing. Lastly, application refers to bringing learnings to life. “Balewala ang mga matututunan natin kung hindi ia-apply at papraktisin.” Practice makes permanent.


What it Means to Be Committed

There are different virtues that we should continuously practice because being committed is not only about getting the job done, it’s also about how you do it. Be punctual and always have a high regard to time—not just yours but also other’s. Whatever is bothering you, leave it outside. Don’t bring your outside problems to work as how you wouldn’t—and shouldn’t— bring your work problems home. Whatever you do, always make sure to get it done. Don’t just start one thing then jump to another. Prioritize what you need to do and always finish what you started. Be a team player. Nothing in life is a one-man job. Whatever you do affects someone else’s too. And most importantly, don’t give up. Some things are going to be hard but always keep pushing through towards your goals.

In a nutshell, here are some words of wisdom quoted from her talk that truly made an impact:

  1. Investment is not always money.
  2. Commitment is persistence. Kahit ilang beses kang mabigo, bangon lang nang bangon. It’s a choice.
  3. Take smart risks.
  4. Kung gusto talagang matuto, maraming paraan.
  5. ‘Wag tayong matakot na subukan ang isang bagay.
  6. ‘Wag natin ipilit ang isang bagay na wala sa control natin [or else] papangit tayo.
  7. Supply mo rin sarili mo ng [good things] para may ma-share ka sa iba.
  8. Hindi tayo magiging successful kung tayo lang mag-isa.
  9. Regardless sa position, lahat importante.
  10. Iba ang decision sa talagang nag-aksyon ka at may resultang maganda.

By the end of her talk, she asked us to write down our commitments to ourselves and to our career that will help us grow. Truly, this is one of the most memorable “Wednes-Dates At Work” we had.

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