PBBI’s 5th Anniversary: A simple yet meaningful celebration

Words and photos by PBBI Staff

PuzzleBox celebrates its anniversary every February 1. Around this time, we make sure that there is a proper program or a chill celebration to give thanks to all the blessings.

This year, a priest came over to preside a mass and bless the office. The ambiance was different! Everyone seemed to have been touched by the solemnity of it all – millennials that we are, we haven’t even taken a selfie or groufie with Father after the mass!

A simple dinner and program followed. The employees who have been with the company for one to five years were awarded. Our new general manager, Mr. Albert Uson, was also introduced and welcomed.

It’s been five great years of solving puzzles. Somehow, we feel that the puzzle pieces are falling in all the right places. This is a momentous occasion for us since the first five years is considered as the most critical in business survival. The birthing pain is crazy; the post-partum hard-hitting. But like any process, the wisdom lies in how we take the learning curves.

The first five years is all about setting the stage of success. It is about owning it.

It is dancing with one hand holding a glass of wine; and the more we age in years, the more we feel giddy. Every inch that we move forward feels like a call for celebration.



It is when you discover the art of moving along. A celebration of triumphs, not just in staying afloat, but also in generating work and changing the lives of people.

(We’re supposed to list down the essential tips for surviving the first five years in business. But we’re compiling more as we gear up for our 10th year anniversary.)


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