PuzzleBox BPO Inc. Reviews: Renewing the team spirit on Easter

Words and photos by PBBI Staff Isn’t it all warm and fuzzy when you get to take a break from the usual and celebrate a company tradition? That’s exactly what we’ve been doing at PuzzleBox for five years now! Around Easter every year, we draw inspiration from the resurrection of Jesus Christ and translate that to a renewed team spirit. For this reason, we treat Easter as our second Christmas. We even consider it as our Thanksgiving, being just a few weeks after our anniversary. We count our blessings, stay abreast of our teams’ latest happenings, and share food and laughter! Classic egg-hunting Because what is Easter without eggs, right? It’s fun to be like kids again and rediscover the joy of… well, finding eggs and winning prizes! Every egg had a corresponding amount which was why the employees made sure no drawers (and even lunchboxes!) were left unchecked. It’s a playful chaos, we tell you!     http://callouts.puzzlebox-inc.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Easter-Party-video.mp4     Birthdays and salu-salo Like our regular monthly general assembly, the birthday celebrants for the month must blow the candle on their cake and eat it, too (The cake, not the candle). For this Easter Party, we got to feast on slices of pizza and chicken (No picture, sorry chicken).     Bato Bato Pick Battle This spur-of-the-moment game suggested by Sir Erwin (our President) a few years ago caught on and became a regular Easter Party and Christmas Party activity. The game is quite simple. Everyone is given P20 then battles it out to win all the P20s. Winner takes it all. This is the part where everyone suddenly becomes good at Math!       Letting go gift Regular exchanging of gifts is boring. Here at PuzzleBox, we add pizzazz by forming a circle and taking a cue from Ms. Apple (our Co-founder) on passing the gift left or right. The rules change every time. Just when you thought you’re the final recipient of the gift, you’ll be asked to let it go. Letting go, in PuzzleBox party terms, means that if someone wants the gift you received, you must let it go freely. Very much like love, don’t you think? 😊 Some of us don’t like it (Just kidding, we love it!).    

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