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Review and Photos by: Ryan Serdena and Nene Que Filipinos are resilient, hardworking, good-hearted and competitive by nature. A handful of us are even branded as world class in competitions, sometimes even finding them at top of the competitive stage. Anytime Fitness shares this same faith and believes in the Pinoy power of endurance. With this idea in mind they would want to encourage everyone to live a healthier and more active lifestyle; to push everyone and challenge themselves to overcome their limits, defeat their personal best and become a Powerman. And for the second time, Anytime Fitness delivers to the Philippines one of the most prestigious duathlon event worldwide, The Powerman Duathlon. The Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas is a qualifying event for the Powerman Duathlon World Championships in Zofigen, Switzerland. Aside from this, Anytime Fitness motivates runners to try biking and, bikers to try and enjoy running. Pinoy duathletes are invited to the two major races that are scheduled this year: The Anytime Fitness Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas Asian Invitational on November 20 and The Anytime Fitness Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas World Series on December 3 and 4, at the Clark Freeport Zone.

Powerman 2a

In preparation for the Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas, Anytime Fitness introduces the 24×24 Power Training Program which consists of indoor running and biking. This is comprehensive 24-week training program designed by the Powerman World Champion Gael Le Bellec, will prepare you to overcome the challenges of the Powerman Duathlon. Anytime Fitness will help newbies and seasoned duathletes alike to be on top shape through this special training program to enhance their stamina and athletic abilities. The 24×24 Power Training Program also delivers Power Camps and Power Clinics where speakers will share their expertise to further hone both their physical and mental requirements when facing the challenges of duathlon.

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On July 1, 2016, Anytime Fitness Mall of Asia together with their sports partners held an indoor 24×24 duathlon challenge led by the top duathletes that will cover a 15 minutes run, bike and run race. The following #power24x24duathletes showcased their strength and determination of a true Powerman Champion. Powerman 7a From France, Gael Le Bellec

  • 2x Powerman Duathlon World Champion
  • Professional international athlete since 2011

Powerman 6a John Chicano

  • 2nd placer in Powerman Malaysia
  • Philippine National Team for Duathlon and Triathlon

Powerman 4a Kaye Lopez

  • Team Manager/Captain of DMCI Homes
  • Former National Cycling Team

Powerman 5a Ian Banzon

  • Run Coach, Nike Philippines
  • 2nd Placer Overall, Asian Triathlon Cup 2015
  • 1st Placer for Age Group 25-29 years old, Atleta Ako Women’s Aquathlon

  Powerman 3a Denise Hernandez

  • 1st Placer for Age Group 25-29, Powerman Duathlon
  • 1st Placer, Pinoy Fitness 2016’s Sub1 10k Challenge

Powerman 6a Emmanuel Comendador

  • 5th Placer, Powerman Duathlon Pilipinas
  • 5th Placer, Subic International Triathlon 2016
  • 4th Placer, National Duathlon

  Before the race has started, the athletes were given a chance to warm-up and get the “vibes” of the machines. Powerman 10a Powerman 11a Soon after the warm up and preparation, the duathletes have been introduced and the mechanics has been given, the much awaited challenge has officially started.  

The first challenge is to finish the 5-minute run in which the speed and distance is calculated for later scoring.  

Biking for another 5 minutes is the 2nd phase of the race. Who do you think is the fastest?

Powerman 17a

And finally, running for last 5 minutes will determine the distance covered by each athlete.

Powerman 8a

Congratulations to Gael, John, Ian, Kaye, Denise, and Emmanuel for finishing the race and for proving their endurance, strength and determination and worthy to be called as Top Duathletes of the Powerman Challenge!

After the race, is a simple celebration to formally announce the start of the 24×24 Power Training Program open to everyone.

Powerman 12a

The group has been joined by Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, Chairman of F&F International Events

  And for the official distances and the winners of the indoor 24×24 duathlon challenge, here are the final results: 3rd Place, John Chicano

  • 69 kms

2nd Place, Gale Le Bellec

  • 72 kms

1st Place, Emammnuel Dominador

  • 42 kms

Powerman 13a The winners of the indoor 24×24 duathlon challenge. (From left to right) Gael Le Bellec (2nd Place), Emmanuel Comendador (1st Place) and John Chicano (3rd Place) Coach Velasco also gave big tips about indoor training and its foundations. Powerman 9a Powerman 14a Mr. Derrick Calixto, General Manager representing Anytime Fitness talks about the Promos and Discounts on Powerman registration rates for Anytime Fitness PH Members Powerman 15a Mr. Owen Gan, President of Powerman PH had a talk on how Powerman Pilipinas helps bring the duathlon scene in the Philiipines to the next level. Powerman 16a And finally, Mr. Raymund Magdaluyo, Chairman of F&F International Events delivers his closing remarks about the Powerman Challenge. Powerman also supports enthusiastic young individuals who do not have the means to pursue their desire to become multi-sports athletes. Parts of the proceeds will be used to buy bicycles, gears, and equipment for the Batang Tri Grassroots program.

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