Seafood Island: Seafood Bonding Extreme in the City – Part 1

Words and Photos by: Patrick Duran and Phoebe dela Cruz

Seafood Island in Circuit Makati lures you with its bright lights, warm ambiance, and that lingering delicious grilled smell in the air. Its decor is a wonderful mix of comfort and creativity with the artworks posted on the wall. Above all, it keeps its promise of Seafood Bonding Extreme!


We clasped our hands to thank the graces from the ocean and, voila!We’re onto the first order of business, the boodle feasts:


Tali Beach

Pork Barbeque, Chicken Inasal, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Squid, Grilled Talong, Grilled Tomatoes, Steamed White Shrimps, Steamed Crabs, Sauteed Tahong, Lato, Green Mango, Watermelon, and Steamed Rice with Crispy Dulong.


Magellan’s Landing

Sinuglaw, Chicken Inasal, Grilled Tilapia, Grilled Squid, Grilled Shrimps, Grilled Talong, Steamed Crabs, and Bagoong Rice with Danggit Chips

You eat with your fingers as well as your eyes. Okay, maybe the hanging shrimp looked funny at first, but Seafood Island definitely does not skimp on the presentation. Just look at that wow factor. The flamboyant and intricate way that the food was set up remained a huge topic all throughout dinner. It added some fun in acquiring some of the items (like working around the hanging shrimps to get the chicken) and made the meal all the more enjoyable. It’s great that their food not only focuses on the taste, but also the experience.

The star of the bounty table was the Shrimp with Butter and Salted Eggs. For us, this was the highlight of the night. Each piece takes you through this playfully sweet slide, and down to a pool of savory goodness. It was nothing like the shrimp we’ve tasted before. Butter and salted eggs gave the shrimp different texture and flavor surprise!



For their Hot Plates, we tried the Bagnet Sisig and Classic Sisig Kapampangan, which had superb crunch quality. Listen up, bagnet lovers: this is good bagnet. The saltiness is just right, and the crunch can make you nod your head in pleasure. In fact, it was so flavorful that we didn’t even feel the need to add the usual Soy Sauce + Vinegar concoction to it. There’s nothing like good ol’ pork sisig! Classic Sisig Kapampangan hit the spot and is a good recess from all of the seafood (This should automatically be served with beer.)


And just to make sure we have all our cravings taken care of, we filled up with Crispy Tadyang!


Seafood Island, Circuit Makati is a little piece of foodie heaven in the midst of a yet to be fully realized site. It’s a place for good food, good company, and good memories.

Make sure to bring your family, team, or barkadas!

For bulk orders, functions, caterings, and reservations, contact (02)8939646.



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